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A note from our founder

Daivik means Gift of God and Moringa is a ‘Miracle Tree’ gifted by Nature to Humanity. The name was conceptualised after a serendipitous encounter with this wonder herb, “rediscovering” its benefits and the enormous potential it has in the health and wellness field. The idea was to offer clean products that elevate the quality of life by fortifying the body with Moringa which is a rich source of iron, calcium, Vitamin A, K and E and a powerful antioxidant.

Grown in our farm organically, our wildcrafted Moringa is scientifically tested to be much more nutritionally dense as compared to other commercial Moringa powders available in the market. My love and faith in nature and passion for bringing a healthy change in society inspired a range of high potential moringa based products like Immunity boosting Moringa Powder, Moringa Capsules, Moringa Infusion, Moringa Energy bites, collagen enhancing moringa Seed Oil, Skin elixir Facepack and variety of chemical-free artisan Soaps. We have introduced unique solution kits for hairfall, acne and ageing and special kits for mothercare, babycare and glow. We also offer customized exclusive gift packaging for any special occasion.

We lovingly hand-craft all our products with extreme heed to quality and the effectiveness of the ingredients and hence in almost a year, they have healed a lot of people in several ways and have gained trust of renowned Doctors, Naturopaths and Nutrionists. We believe that if nature has borne us, it can also sustain and cure us. Say no to synthetic products and turn towards nature.

Inspiring Healthy Living Inside Out
Devika Bajaj

At Daivik Moringa, our moringa trees are scientifically, sustainably farmed to ensure that high-quality 100% Moringa is harvested from our own farms, without any involvement of middlemen. Also, we believe in the long-proven heirloom of seeding new trees from saved seeds that thrive and mature in the local environment.

Our temperature-controlled polyhouse cultivation procedures are characterized by the controlled environment in which we grow our plants, taking into consideration the requirement of plants essential at the time of their growth in a natural habitat.

We practice shade drying of moringa leaves so that there is no contamination from outside due to dust, or any other unpredictable weather changes. Our drying process of moringa takes place over a period of 3-4 days, which is an ideal time to ensure that the nutrients are preserved without compromising on the color.

The product line encompasses moringa powder, capsules, infusions, energy bites, moringa seed oil, aloemoringa gel, face pack and a variety of artisan moringa soaps. Apart from moringa, we also boast of sustainable turmeric, neem, giloy plantations that are grown and farmed with tender loving care. Our moringa powder has 3 times more calcium and other vitamins as compared to other products in the market, as verified by the lab reports.

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