Jade Mushroom Gua Sha

Jade Mushroom Gua Sha

• Rejuvenates the eye area
• Relieves acupressure points and massage
• Reduces Puffiness
• Natural Crystal Stone
• Increases blood circulation



Jade: Jade is a symbol of calmness. Rolling the Jade Mushroom Gua Sha tool is a treat for the facial skin as it releases muscle tension, stress and anxiety. The natural cooling effect of Jade is a great add-on as the soothing massage on the face and neck is what you have missed till now! Regular scraping with this stone goes a long way in relieving fatigue and improves immune function. Daivik Moringa specializes in natural jade gua sha scraping massage tools. Get the best gua sha stone price in India at Daivik Moringa.


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