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Neem to Prevent From Virus

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Neem to Prevent From Virus

Neem to Prevent From Virus

Neem tree is revered in India for its wide range of medicinal properties. The best part is that every part of this tree has therapeutic values, starting from leaves, bark, seed, flowers, root, stem and fruit. In Ayurveda, Neem is referred to as “Sarva Roga Nivarini” which means the panacea or cure of all diseases.

Studies have shown that neem is acure for more than 40 types of diseases as it is natural blood purifier. It hasexceptional healing effects that prevent infections, inflammation anddegenerative diseases.

How Neem can prevent virus?

  1. Neem is scientifically proven antiviral medicine which treats a broad-spectrum of viruses.
  2. Research shows there are 20+ compounds in neem which shows inhibition against Covid-19 virus.
  3. Neem leaves are effective immunomodulators.
  4. Neem’santi-inflammatory nature brings down inflammation in lungs and body.
  5. Neem has thrombolytic properties, which means it breaks down blood clots in the body.
  6. Neem reduces blood sugar levels with its hypoglycemic properties.
  7. Studies have shown neem is hepatoprotective properties, which heal liver.
  8. The antioxidant effects of Neem boost immune system.
  9. Neem prevents lung fibrosis which helps in post COVID cases.
  10. Neem is the best remedy for high fever.

Daivik Moringa presents a wonderful formulation of neem, a capsule that envelops all the benefits of neem. Taking these capsules boosts immunity, prevents and cures viral,bacterial and parasitic attacks. It has proved effective medicine against multiple diseases.

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